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Swagman has relocated!! Please contact us
07 38047711 to book a service or inspection.


If you are looking to sell your vehicle,

a consignment option with us is the way to go. Each consignment can be made specific to the individual vehicle/owner. 



Consignment includes:


  • Advertisement on the Swagman Motorhomes webpage inclusive of photos and description


  • Listing within the Swagman Motorhomes Sales Centre


  • Display parking at the Swagman Motorhomes Sale Centre Yard


  • Swagman Sales Representative marketing your vehicle


  • Consignment Contract / Agreement


  • Rally exposure options




Please feel free to call us at Swagman to personally discuss your requirements and vehicle.


Additionally, you are welcome to visit us with your vehicle at Swagman.


The Consignment form is available by clicking the consignment button to the right.  Simply fill in and complete the form and email to

With an extensive database of clients Australia wide, Swagman offers vehicle owners a proven and successful method of obtaining the exact desired sale outcome for your vehicle.


Swagman takes great pride in our friendly service and commitment to sales performance and excellence

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