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Dave Suttor, standing outside the Swagman factory

Swagman Motorhomes Australia's finest luxury motorhomes, reborn in 2012

Swagman is back in 2012 with new owners, responsive management and the best luxury motorhomes in Australia.

Swagman Motorhomes feature cutting-edge technology, sleek world-class design and innovative, industry-leading engineering and construction methods to deliver world-beating luxury motorhomes.

From top to bottom, the interior styling, quality fixtures and range of optional features is designed to bring unprecendented levels of style and comfort to your journey.

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A Message from Dave Suttor New owner and CEO of Swagman Motorhomes

Hi everyone — my name is Dave Suttor and it is with great excitement and a feeling of genuine responsibility that I announce the rebirth of Swagman Motorhomes.

Some of you may already know of my involvement with Swagman from the early 2000’s when I, along with Cummins, and much encouragement from John Wightman, launched Swagman Movielines. So much has happened since then.

Cummins decided to sell the Movielines business and fleet to me and the factory business to Steve Searle. On a couple of occasions partners and I tried to buy the motorhome manufacturing business, but it was not to be.

I finally acquired Swagman in its entirety in December 2011 after Steve Searle passed away.

It is our aim, with the help and enthusiasm of some very dedicated past Swagman staff, and the support of the many Swagman owners and admirers, to re-ignite the flame and begin to rebuild the Swagman name and product, commencing with a comprehensive service, maintenance, spare parts hire and sales centre at 5 Progress Street, Yatala, Queensland.

We will be completing a small number of the New Generation designs and refurbishing others on behalf of existing owners. We will also be working towards resuming operation of the Swagman Club with a lot of enthusiasm from John Wightman who has generously offered his time to be its Ambassador.

The Swagman website will be expanded as we grow and we have been able to retain the existing email and previous telephone numbers along with the original logo and trade names.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon and await with great anticipation your constructive, valuable feedback.

Dave Suttor CEO of Swagman Motorhomes

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