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The Fresh New Swagman

Welcome to the ultimate motorhome adventure lifestyle experience as an exclusive member

of the Swagman Club.


A lifestyle reward for the select few,

the Swagman Club provides an atmosphere

of friendship, exclusivity and excitement

with privileges designed to ensure the ultimate enjoyment for each open road lifestyle adventure.



The rewards of success - living the dream travelling the open road in your world class 5 star Swagman Motorhome.
Meeting up with fellow Swagman Club Member friends as you relish the excitement of rallies and special events
in exotic locations whilst experiencing the beauty of Australia.
Absolute exclusivity is offered with a Platinum Swagman Membership.
Top quality jackets and the complete platinum range of Swagman merchandise throroughly stands out from the rest.
Enjoy 5 star privileges at Swagman rallies with VIP parking and entertaining area exclusivity.
24 hour a day roadside support with a platinum Swagman membership ensures ultimate peace of mind for each open road lifestyle adventure all backed with the platinum comprehensive service, support and
event VIP privileges.

Platinum Membership




Benefits and Privileges:


The completely exclusive Platinum Swagman Dress Set consisting of:


Jacket x 2

Caps x 2

Dress shirts long sleeve x 2

Polo shirts x 2

Platinum towel set x 4

BBQ apron x 2

Beach umbrella x 1


VIP positioning at Swagman Rally Events


Free attendance to any Swagman Rally


Platinum Member’s Card


24 Hour 1800 Swagman Support Line


24 Hour Swagman Roadside Service

Almond Tree Flowers
Fallen Apples
Autumn Leaves
Berry Branches
Tranquil forest
Cherry Blossom
Dramatic Dew Drops
Echinacea Coneflowers
Fresh Herbs Close Up
Lily Pond
Lush Plants
Open Field
Raindrops on Window
Budding Tree
Water Droplets
Ray of Light
Tropical Berries Close Up
Stalks of Wheat
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